Faith Not Fear

Any of my friends willing to admit they struggle with anxiety or stricken with fear? Mine started after Phillip's first seizure. Lost all trust. Certain things trigger my fears...things that I know can cause Phillip to have issues. Storms hinder his ability to sleep. Last night we had a whopper of a storm! Lightning that made me jump. I was alone and felt fear taking over. I thought I could do it alone. It's funny how I know the solution, but still resort to other ways that ultimately fail in bringing me comfort. God had my attention after cable went out and room went dark. In the country, dark is DARK. He can come boldly to us the same way we can go boldly to Him. Something as silly as a thunderstorm brought me boldly to Christ. I prayed and every minute I prayed I felt more and more comfort and peace. Both storms ended. Years ago my life changed in an instant when I found Christ. Faith took over dwelling where fear once lived. Some days we need reminding that fear strangles us, and faith frees us. Fear limits us. Faith opens up an eternal gate into peace and heaven. Prayers for anyone who has been in bondage over fear that you might try prayer.

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.  ~Hebrews4:16 


The Square Key

In the past, I tried to fill that little space in my heart with so many things other than Christ. Nothing worked and nothing fit. You cannot put a square key in a round hole. That space in your heart was created and reserved for God. When it's filled with Him (the key to life and Heaven), the fullness of Christ is in you!

God Never Leaves

There was a time I was hesitant to enter church doors. God was tugging on my heart, but I was in my forties and felt like I was learning a foreign language. How could I ask my children to follow Christ, if I didn't know who He was myself... One day I remembered my daughter's Precious Moments Bible. Hoping it would be for a beginner, I gave it a shot. The funny thing with the Lord is that one thing leads to another. That's His plan. Did I understand everything? No, but that's what is so great because in the Bible, if you keep reading it will be revealed. God is not out to fool you. One day I left it on the bed as I ran errands only to return and find my dog had chewed the corners. I love pretty things and obviously it was now damaged goods. I almost put it up on a shelf. Then I remembered imperfection doesn't scare Jesus! He repairs brokenness. My little children's Bible brought me the gift that keeps on giving. Wherever you start your walk, He is ready for you.

What IF...

Walk away from the "what ifs" and step into the "what is". It would take a book to share my journey and how I found God, but I will share one of the hardest, but most rewarding pieces. As you can imagine, it was not easy and it was heartbreaking to watch Phillip begin experiencing seizures (at 7 years old) and then work through what seemed like a medical nightmare getting the medicines to work and bring relief. I hated feeling helpless and unable to fix The situation. You cannot count how many times my conversions with God were about "what if you made it right" or "what if you took this mess out of my hands". God was there through it all and He needed me to trust in Him and His plan for me. At my lowest point when I fully surrendered my life and the life of Phillip to Him without asking for anything in return but His love and protection, the healing came. When I was finished being angry, He was right there with open arms. He changed my life from the inside out. I retaught myself to pray for His will to be done. That is not easy because it is normal to want it our way. He taught me to love the "what is" - and that's the life He is walking with me. This life has trials, but with God you can handle all of it!

The story of this farmhouse❤. When we decided to move to the country and closer to family we spent months searching for the perfect home to buy with acreage and out buildings that would accommodate a few farm animals. Months of searching and traveling Florida with no results. So many homes needed work that we could not do because of Phillip's needs. We could not have a remodeling war zone. Months of praying and we still felt uneasy about our plan to move. One day after Randy and I traveled over eight hours in one day to see a farm, we left feeling defeated. We felt the Lord place on our heart to be careful not to buy until we knew the area. We decided to check rentals available in an area we had grown to love. BINGO! This was the first home we found. God opened every door from that point on and we leased it for two years. We were able to start a mini farm with a few animals. We have learned without the expense of repairs. We have learned about the small town we live in which has helped us to decide where our "forever home" will be.... so thankful for God's whispers. So thankful for how He answers prayers. We are embracing every day while we live here.... God certainly knows the details of my hearts desires. This is home.

When God answers your prayers He is also answering the prayers of others. Our "wish list" when we moved was to be in the country obviously, but we had specifics others do not think about... When you have medical issues and a traveling husband the wishes become tricky. We needed both the fire station and hospital to be close as seconds count. We needed an international airport. We hoped to be part of a small church family. A good pediatric neurologist was a must. We wanted to be close to my parents. My oldest dreamed of working at Disney since she was a young princess herself. My young daughters wanted to have stairs for the first time. Here is how our mighty God answered: The fire station is at the end of the main road across from our new church (2 miles). There is a small convenience store that helps me when hubby travels. He flies out of Orlando International which is 40 minutes away. My oldest has been working at Disney for over a year. The kids are living and loving the peace and play in the country. The Hospital is twenty minutes away, as well as Phillip's doctor. My grandmother was relocated after dementia struck and she is 20 minutes away. Praise God I will share her final days. Blessed to live 45 minutes from my parents. His mercy is unfailing. His prayers trickled down to those of our whole family. Only God has the power to web such a string of blessings❤. No prayer is too small or too big.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”    

~Psalm 46:10