You can always tell a fairy tale by a few special words..."Once upon a time". Today, I am blessed to be living out the fairy tale God created especially for me. However, it took some hard lessons to get off our paths and onto Gods path. (1983) Randy and I dated through high school for well over a year. Such a sweet and loving relationship. Kids make silly decisions and eventually we went different ways. I moved to Florida. He moved to Texas. Both married and had families. We both knew the lessons we learned through painful divorces. We knew what faith was, but had not been faithful (there is a difference) or trusting in God's original plan for us. Through a very difficult time in my life between Phillip starting to experience seizures and an ended marriage, I finally met Jesus at the cross and left all my anger, hurt, fear in His hands. Instead of being angry with God, I chased after Him. My prayers became very clear. I looked at my past to see where I took control instead of allowing God to lead and it led me right back to Randy. (2012 - over 30 years later) I was curious about a very special person from my past. I just knew he must have the perfect everything. How beautiful was it that once I listened to God's whispers, He led me right back where I belonged. Randy was looking for me too! Both ready to give God control. Put our faith and trust in God that it would all work out. Well, two years later, we were married. He moved to Florida. We have five fabulous kids who supported our story. Yes, we have only been married for going on three years, but it feels like a lifetime of happiness. We thank God every day that the last half of our life will be spent together...❤.

This is my grandfather. His name is Albert, but to us kids he was Gramp. This picture holds such a sweet place in my heart. He was such an inspiration. When I think of how God wants us to love, my thoughts easily jump to Gramp. I could sit with him all day long and never get enough. He loved everyone without hesitation or restraint. He gave and expected nothing in return. I was his first granddaughter and I loved holding that place in his heart. He made me feel like there are angels on earth. He has always inspired me to be the best person I can be to others. This makes my heart smile❤.