My grandparents bought a farmhouse on 85 acres in Michigan when I was a teenager.  It opened the door for my sister and me to have horses.  We spent the better part of four years caring for and riding our horses.  We laughed so hard in the barn; those memories are forever imbeded in my heart and a part of my past. I never wanted those days to end.  Those experiences created in me the heart of a "farm girl".  Our hobby farm may not be huge in acreage, but it is built on love.  Currently, our hobby farm consists of four dwarf goats, five hens, one cat, two kittens (we fostered and failed because we could not let them go), two Golden Retrievers and one rat.  We have one special pet chicken, Laverne.  We are learning and loving every step we take together as Farmer Guy and Finally a Farmgirl.